Pedestrian Safety A tragic pedestrian accident occurred in Hawkwood in late July.  A pedestrian walking along Hawkwood Drive was struck and severely injured by   a vehicle backing out of a driveway.  Unfortunately, the pedestrian has since passed after several days in the hospital.  Our thoughts are with the family facing […]

Transportation Update – August 2016

The Community Standards Bylaw (5M2004) is the bylaw that regulates the issues affecting our daily lives and on our properties in Hawkwood.  The topics covered by this bylaw include untidy properties, backyard fires, noise, graffiti, weeds & grass and maintenance of fences and buildings, to name a few.  For untidy […]

Bylaws and Issues affecting Hawkwood – Community Standards Bylaw

Group of cats and dogs
Hawkwood is a great place to live for people, and a pretty good place for cats & dogs, too.  Admittedly, living in a “concrete jungle” as a pet can be challenging, but some simple rules and tips for pet-owners can make life better – for both pets and people.  First […]

Bylaws and Issues affecting Hawkwood – Owning Cats and Dogs

Rogers welcomes you to attend an Open House at Uplands Recreation Centre in the Main Hall (20 Hawkside Road N.W., Calgary, AB) starting at 5:00PM and ending at 7:00PM on Tuesday, June 14, 2016. See the following documents for details of the proposal:

June 14th – Rogers Open House to discuss proposed Cell ...

It’s that time again! The Bain Team of HomeLife Central Real Estate Services is hosting the 5th annual Hawkwood Parade of Garage Sales. On June 18th, 2016 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., pull out all that stuff you no longer need and sell it off. The Bain Team will again be providing complimentary […]

5th Annual Parade of Garage Sales