Transportation Updates – June 2017

There are changes to activities being spearheaded by Councilor Magliocca in Hawkwood:

-the pedestrian crossing at the bottom of the hill on Hawkwood Blvd unfortunately does not meet city criteria for the requested install of a Rapid Flashing Beacon.  This crossing has been upgraded with high-visibility yellow reflectors.   However the crosswalk in front of St Maria Goretti does qualify for a Beacon similar to the one installed in front of Hawkwood Elementary.

-with the arrival of spring, a speed study has been requested for Hawkwood Road to assess resident concerns.

These activities highlight the importance of adhering to speed limits, and watching for crossing pedestrians.  This is essential to keep our neighbors safe.  With the arrival of spring, homeowners can also help by trimming tree branches that have overgrown sidewalks and interfere with pedestrians. Problem spots can be addressed with a call to 311.

The city is revising the Temporary Sign Bylaw to reduce the excessive commercial signage on public roads.  A survey released by the city indicates broad public support for signs that raise awareness of beneficial community-related events.  However residents feel the opposite for commercial signs, indicating these are distracting, unsafe and unattractive.  Some residents purposefully avoid businesses that advertise this way.  This is an effective way to discourage commercial signs, and to be protected from questionable operators.  Many signs are illegal and exploit loopholes in the temporary sign bylaw.  When a business shows no concern for bylaws or community appearance, this naturally raises concern about how they treat customers.

The new proposed Temporary Sign Bylaw will be released mid-May.  If proposed revisions appear insufficient to address this issue, concerned residents should contact Councilor Magliocca (403-268-3280,  This feedback will help insure an effective new bylaw is implemented.

The quarterly meeting of the Airport Community Consultative Committee (ACCC) was held in late April.  The Hawkwood representative asked if Nav Canada could review options to spread out air traffic, which had been concentrated over east Hawkwood when GPS navigation was introduced in 2014.  This can result in high-frequency, low-level flights, and excessive disturbance to some residents beneath this flight path.  This is likely to increase as the airport expands.  Nav Canada is conducting a similar study in Toronto where similar impact occurred when GPS was introduced in 2012.  The Calgary Airport Authority (YYC) is committed to being a good neighbor, and encourages feedback from residents feeling impacts, as this is a key tool in identifying which issues require attention.  Feedback can be provided in several ways:

  • Dedicated e-mail –
  • Website Aircraft Concern submission form –
  • Near-real time light tracking system – PublicVue
  • YYC aircraft concerns hotline – 403.735.1408