Transportation Update – August 2016

Pedestrian Safety

20160809_184603A tragic pedestrian accident occurred in Hawkwood in late July.  A pedestrian walking along Hawkwood Drive was struck and severely injured by   a vehicle backing out of a driveway.  Unfortunately, the pedestrian has since passed after several days in the hospital.  Our thoughts are with the family facing this devastating situation.  Police are investigating the factors contributing to this accident.

This demonstrates the importance of traffic safety awareness in Hawkwood.  Pedestrians have the right-of-way on all sidewalks and pedestrian crossings.  Backing out of driveways is a high-risk maneuver and must be done cautiously.  Please trim back vegetation that blocks your view of the sidewalk, to prevent being surprised by pedestrians.  There have also been near-misses in Hawkwood crosswalks.  Are you aware of all the crosswalks you pass through during regular trips in Hawkwood?  Make a mental note of their location – you will encounter at least 3 to 4.  Insure you follow the speed limit, to allow time to see and yield to pedestrians.  Riskier crossings on Hawkwood Boulevard and Hawkwood Drive now have fluorescent marker signs.  Flashing LED’s were recently installed in the crossing in front of Hawkwood Elementary School, to improve safety when school resumes this September.  Parents dropping off children can help by driving and parking responsibly in front of the school, and insuring children cross the street at crosswalks.  Pedestrians can protect themselves by making eye contact with drivers, and insuring an approaching vehicle is stopping, before proceeding.  Consistently following these best practices will keep everyone safe.

Air Traffic

The Calgary Airport Authority (YYC) placed temporary air traffic noise monitors in Hawkwood, Bowness and Signal Hill, throughout July. This was intended to quantify concerns some residents have expressed regarding low-level, high-frequency flights over their communities.  Monitoring results are expected to be available this fall or early winter.

If this data confirms frequency is an issue, this will provide further justification to ask NAV Canada to find a way to eliminate concentrated flight paths.  The Hawkwood Community Association has been requesting a fair solution that spreads out flight paths across Northwest Calgary.  To this point, NAV Canada has not communicated a plan to achieve this.  Additional community pressure may be required to insure options are thoroughly reviewed.