Transportation Reminders

Transportation-optionsWith spring around the corner, this is a good time to thank the “snow angels” who cleared pathways and sidewalks for their neighbors, and in the community.  Your efforts are noticed.  Thank you!  Until the snow disappears, melting and freezing cycles can make sidewalks treacherous.  Homeowners are responsible for spreading salt or gravel on slippery sidewalks in front of their residence.  Please help keep our community safe.

Illegal commercial signs at our community entrances often increase with warm weather.  Reputable businesses do not advertise this way.  You can discourage this practice, and protect yourself, by not giving business to these groups.  You can also call 311 to report the location of these signs.  Note that community event and city signs are allowed.

Similarly, some home renovation companies regularly park their large utility trailers in Hawkwood.  These companies create unappealing parking congestion, and are being inconsiderate to their residential neighbors.  Our councilor has been advised and is looking into bylaw changes that will preserve the residential character of our streets.  You can help address this by not doing business with these companies, and expressing your concern to Councilor Magliocca.

Thank you to the majority of residents who drive safely in our community.  We may make it through the winter with all our LEAF planters intact, and ready for spring flowers.  To keep our streets safe, the Hawkwood Community Association recently requested Police enforcement in our community – watch   for their presence.  Residents can also request enforcement in problem areas, at the following link: