Survey Results: Clearing Snow along Country Hills Blvd

The HCA ran a web-based survey to determine how residents are effected by snow on the sidewalk along the South side of Country Hills Blvd.  This survey was advertised in the July Hawkeye.  View the results of our survey on the impact of snow buildup on the sidewalk along the south side of Country Hills Blvd.

View a Detailed Analysis of Survey Responses

September 2nd 2013: The results are in and the survey is closed to additional responses. The majority of respondents said they are impacted in some way by snow on that sidewalk.  33% of respondents supported any sort of increase in taxes/fees to clear the snow in contrast with 66% against.  The Board will consider the context and results of this survey and discuss alternative means to have the snow cleared.

If this issue is important to you and you would like to express your opinion you are invited to attend our next Board Meeting.

Please refer to the community calendar for the date, time and location.

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