Robert Thirsk Highschool Update

I recently attended a meeting for neighbourhoods and groups surrounding the new Robert Thirsk High School which is located immediately North of the Crowfoot YMCA and West of Nose Hill Drive.  Several other community associations were represented  as well as members of the Calgary Police Service  (CPS),  Parking, Peace officers, Calgary Transit, the YMCA, Crowfoot Library, and the Principal of RTHS Chris Meaden.  The purpose was to provide basic school information and identify common concerns and discuss how these would be mitigated.  For example: bussing route, cross walk at Nose Hill Drive, parking concerns, library use concerns, etc.

Information on Robert Thirsk High School

Opens  to first students in September 2013 with a reduced student body

  • September 3rd 2014 will host Student welcoming activities
  • Initially will host grades 10, 11
  • Approximately 800 students

Official opening ceremony is not booked but will occur in February or March 2014.

About 1,200 students by 2014 in all Secondary School Grades.  About 1,500 students by 2015 (full capacity)

RTHS is looking for opportunities to become engaged in the community:

  • A student leadership group will be set up.  They will be looking for things to do in our community
  • If you have ideas please contact the school office

School Bell Schedule

  • 8:30am – 3:05pm Monday to Thursday
  • 8:00am – 1:40pm Friday


Getting Students to School

Students are encouraged to walk or bike to school if/when possible as part of the CBE’s healthy lifestyle programming and to ease traffic concerns in the area

Parents can drop students off in the loop road in front of the school.  This loop is not open to busses.  Please do not drop students off along the street as it will obstruct busses and other traffic and will lead to safety issues crossing Nose Hill Drive.

Parking and Traffic Considerations for Hawkwood

Traffic and Transport was the number 1 concern expressed to the HCA before the meeting, and was the number 1 concern of community associations at the meeting.  In order to make a systemic change (ex. to add lanes, add lights, adjust speed limits, etc.) there must be a demonstrated need after the school opens.  This means people affected must record their concerns and bring them to the attention of the City through their Alderman’s office.

Hawkwood residents are invited to contact the HCA with their concerns regarding Robert Thirsk High School.  You could also contact the Ward 2 Alderman’s office.  Please include specific examples, dates and time ranges when this concern affects you or your family so that we can most effectively communicate with the Ward 2 Alderman’s office.

The HCA has initiated a parking permit review process with the City of Calgary.  This is necessary in expediting the option for our community to have tagged street parking within 1km of the school.  The goal is to maintain Hawkwood on-street parking for Hawkwood residents while being timely, and minimally disruptive.

Busing routes are not yet final, but Calgary Transit Planning is engaged in the process.  It is likely that the Crowfoot LRT station will act as a hub and busses will transport Students to stops located along Nose Hill Drive.


Safety & Policing Concerns

With a new concentration of youths in our community there is some expectation of increased safety and policing concerns.  The CPS and Bylaw services will work with the school, and with communities and residents to mitigate these concerns.  Two CPS school liason officers are assigned to RTHS.  If you have concerns about safety please report them to CPS directly.  If you have concerns about grafitti please take a picture of it first before cleaning or painting then  contact the HCA and Bylaw services to notify our organizations and share your information into the databse to assist with an investigation.

Although we expect there may be challenges at first, Hawkwood will work through them with RTHS, the CBE, the Parking Authority, and Transit.  Having this school for our children and as a new member of our neighbourhood of communities is fantastic and has much more potential for good co-operative achievement than bad.  We’ll look forward to having the first students arrive in September.