Results of the Fall 2014 LEAF Vote

We are happy to announce that the September 30 LEAF Vote results revealed unanimous support for the Landscape Enhancement Tax for another 5 years:  78 Votes For continuation of the program.  0 Votes Against.One ballot was cast per household HCA membership.  This unanimous mandate was a surprise as in past votes there have been some ballots not in favour.

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Approximately 100 Hawkwood residents came to the polling station at the Uplands Community Recreation Centre.  Attendees also had the opportunity to view large maps of Hawkwood and voice their preferences on potential locations for pathway and bench enhancements (the results of which will be available on a future website post) as well as view information on the proposed community garden.   It was the HCA Board’s pleasure to meet some new faces in the community and learn more about your concerns and interests.

Your support and interest in Hawkwood is truly encouraging and reminds all HCA Volunteers that their work makes a difference to people in our Community.  Thank you for your ongoing support of the LEAF program.

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