President’s Message – September 2017

This month’s report from The President (as published in the Hawk Eye)…

Crosswalk Safety

Many of you have noticed the new RRFB (Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon) that has been installed at the main crosswalk at St. Maria Goretti School.  We now have one of these at each school and all the school crosswalks are painted as “ladder” crosswalks.  Also, both 4-way stops in Hawkwood will be getting new “candy cane” reflective striping on the posts to increase visibility.  Speaking of 4-way stops, the one at Hawkwood Blvd. and Hawkstone Drive was the location of a recent, single vehicle accident involving a suspected impaired driver.  The accident destroyed our planter, signage and the car went through two fences and yard adjacent to a bus stop and super mail box.  Thankfully this happened late at night when there were no pedestrians out.  I would strongly suggest that those of us who have young & old drivers at home to re-emphasize the dangers and ramifications of driving under the influence to those who may choose to get behind the wheel of a car in such a state.

More Safety

 When the new LED streetlights were installed in Hawkwood this past spring, one of the unintended consequences of the narrowly focused beams of light was that the Hawkstone Bus Terminal is now void of any light during the dark nights and mornings.  The City has promised to install a light, to help transit users and drivers, sometime this fall.

Civic Election

This year we will be going to the polls for the election of Councillors and School Board Trustees on Monday October 16.  The advance vote is held Oct. 4-11, if you are not here.  We reside in Ward 2, so keep your eyes and ears out for candidates that are seeking election in our Ward.  The location of the voting stations won’t be announced until Sept. 19, but typically they are at our schools and you must bring a form of identification that contains your name and current address (not necessarily picture ID).  At HCA we try and bring our concerns to all of the candidates and I encourage you to do the same if you get the opportunity.  At HCA we can’t endorse any candidates, but whoever is elected we vow to work with them to make sure Hawkwood is represented well.