President’s Message – September 2016

This month’s report from The President (as published in the Hawk Eye)…

Speeding in Hawkwood

I have had many reports of traffic violations this summer in Hawkwood.  Particularly disturbing is the running of stop signs.  We only have three 3-way and 4-way stop signed intersections and for some reason people don’t feel the need to stop, especially when there are no other vehicles around.  The last time I checked, the definition of STO P was pretty clear and it isn’t optional.  I was also glad to see CPS doing some enforcement in the playground zone at St. Maria Goretti.  I can tell you that traffic units as well as photo radar are being used more and more in Hawkwood, so please, don’t speed (even though you say you don’t!).  Hopefully winter will slow things down.

Late Summer Projects

As I mentioned in this space two months ago, a couple of projects have been kicked off in Hawkwood.  The first of six new benches has been installed near the pipeline right-of-way overlooking Hawkwood School.  Hopefully, the remainder can get done before the snows flies.  Also, the Community Garden group has constructed the beds at the site and construction of the rain garden has also started.  The former playground on Hawktree Circle will be repurposed as more of a naturalized area with rocks and construction has started and will be completed in October.  The former Hawkwood Crescent tot lot has been grassed over and we will continue to  look at options for this site in the future.

Community Standards

I am glad to see that the Bylaw articles in the Hawk Eye being read and hopefully some education is going on.  This month there will be no Bylaw article, but I want everyone to think about the standard by which Hawkwood should live by or look like.  From a Bylaw point of view, what bothers you about some Hawkwood properties?  Is it parking? Utility trailers on streets or driveways?  Unkempt yards and fences?  Ugly alleys?  Don’t get wrong, I drive around Hawkwood all the time and I see a great looking community.  The vast majority of houses are very well maintained and beautiful.  But there is the odd house that seems to be out of place and usually there is some Bylaw enforcement that could take place.  But where do we draw the line?  Because there are literally hundreds of issues that could be dealt with in Hawkwood, but at what cost to residents?  In these challenging economic times, does it make sense to penalize people?  Will it get better when conditions improve?  I don’t want to turn Hawkwood into a police state or Orwellian utopia where people are afraid to leave a trailer parked or their grass getting a little long.   Drop me a line at and let me know if there is a hill we should die on in terms of Bylaws.