President’s Message – March 2017

This month’s report from The President (as published in the Hawk Eye)…

Hawkwood Rink

 Well another winter is (mostly?) behind us now and the skating rink in Hawkstone Park is quickly melting away.  This was another challenging year with warm weather hampering us in January and February, as well as colder temperatures extending the rink well into March for the first time in recent memory.  I want to thank the dozen or so volunteers who came out and helped sweep, flood and maintain the rink – without you guys, it wouldn’t have been possible.  Also, a huge thank you goes out to our Chief Rink Rat, Steve Coulter who is our eyes, ears and brawn behind the ice being ready as much as it was.  And many thanks to the users who came out and were respectful with the ice and cleaned up after themselves – see you all next year!

Hawkwood Soccer – We Need You!

For those of you who signed up for the Hawkwood Soccer program, please make sure you make an effort to volunteer.  Every season we face challenges to get coaches and coordinators and we really want to give back your volunteer deposit.  So come out & help your kids – and your neighbour’s – and make a difference in our community. I look forward to seeing all the kids out during that last week of April and hopefully the blankets & sleeping bags won’t be required!

Upcoming Events

Make sure you read this, and future, editions of the Hawk Eye for upcoming events in Hawkwood.  Our Hawkwood Soccer program will be starting in late April, so watch out for the kids & families near the Hawkstone Park fields.  Also, in early May we will be building some more Community Garden beds – see more information in the following pages.  Later on, we will be having our annual Parade of Garage Sales (June 4) and the Community Clean-up (June 10).  In July we plan on celebrating the grand opening of the Community Garden, which happens to coincide with Canada’s 15oth birthday!  Stay tuned to the next editions of this newsletter for more details.