President’s Message – June 2016

This month’s report from The President (as published in the Hawk Eye)…

Rogers Cell Tower in Hawkwood

For the third time in the last three or so years, Rogers is proposing a cell tower for the Hawkwood Village strip mall.  As I write this, I have just returned from the Open House that was held on June 14 and I heard a lot of concerns for the proposed tower.  A lot of the anxieties were the same as from three years ago and stem mostly from location, health issues and proximity to a school.  At the HCA, one of our missions to “improve the quality of life” in Hawkwood and certainly the cell tower has two sides to it in that it would improve some non-existent cellular service in Hawkwood but also has a displeasing aesthetic to it.  The HCA Board has discussed the issue and we feel that our efforts are best focused on ensuring that if a cell tower does get installed, that it is as pleasing to the eye as possible.  We must be mindful that making the tower smaller or moving it would only serve to lessen the effectiveness and may cause more towers to be installed.  I appreciate this is a polarizing issue and emotions can get in the way of factual discussion, especially when it involves our children and parents.  As I said three years ago, there are far more risks to our community than a cell tower.  HCA remains committed to ensuring that the City of Calgary and Rogers Communications is made aware of our concerns and that Industry Canada regulations are followed.

Another New Face at HCA

I want to welcome Amy Doucet as our new Casino Director for the HCA.  Amy will help with the HCA Casino which will be on November 8th and 9th and she will be looking for some volunteers for the casino.  Amy has lived in Hawkwood twice – once as a renter and again, her and her husband decide to come back and live our great neighbourhood.   Please join me in welcoming Amy to HCA!