President’s Message – July 2016

This month’s report from The President (as published in the Hawk Eye)…

Rogers Cell Tower in Hawkwood – Update

As of the time of this writing, Rogers Communications is still evaluating their options as to what to do for a cell tower in Hawkwood.  What I can tell you is there is plenty of support and opposition to the proposed placement of the tower in the Hawkwood Village strip mall.  The list of options of where to put a tower is slim indeed and Rogers is going through the process of addressing the community and City’s concerns.  I have met and talked with numerous folks about this and, yes, it is a polarizing and emotional issue.  I will re-iterate that the objectives of the Hawkwood Community Association (HCA) is to a) improve the quality of community life in Hawkwood by providing services to its members, and b) work with the City of Calgary and Province of Alberta representatives, committees, boards and other bodies to best protect the interests of the Hawkwood community.  Therefore, with regards to the Rogers cell tower proposal for Hawkwood Village, the HCA will work with the City of Calgary, Rogers and the businesses and residents of Hawkwood to try and ensure that the quality of life is improved and the interests of Hawkwood are protected.  Whether it is one tower, multiple towers or no tower, HCA will work with these bodies to reach a satisfactory solution.  Unfortunately, this solution will ultimately disappoint a segment of the population.  Therefore, HCA is neither in favour nor against the proposed Rogers cell tower, but we are committed to looking out for the interests of the community of Hawkwood.  Stay tuned to our website and the upcoming issues of the Hawk Eye for more updates.

Summer Projects

Hopefully by the time you read this, a couple of projects will have been kicked off in Hawkwood.  As part of the “Our Hawkwood” Community Engagement process we undertook a couple of years ago, Hawkwood residents identified several areas that could be improved upon in Hawkwood.  One of those high-ranking ideas was the placement of benches overlooking the city.  I am glad to say that installation of these benches will have started.  Also, a Community Garden was also a project that was much appreciated by the residents of Hawkwood.  The first phase of this garden – a rain garden – will have started this summer and hopefully we can start constructing boxes this fall.  And an update on the playgrounds – the Hawkfield Place and Hawktree Green playgrounds are officially open.  The former playground on Hawktree Circle, will be repurposed as more of a naturalized area with rocks and we will hopefully start construction in September.  The former Hawkwood Crescent tot lot will be grassed over this summer and we will look at options for this site in the future.