President’s Message – January 2014

This month’s musings from The President…

Winter Festival

Please keep Sunday February 23rd available for Hawkwood’s Annual Winter Festival.  As always, we will have hot dogs & hot chocolate and lots of games for the young ones to play.  We’re working to get the Skate Shack again, so if you don’t have skates and you want to try skating on the rink, you can try on some skates for free!  Of course, being an outdoor event, we are subject to the whims and fancies of Mother Nature.  So, if there is inclement weather we will postpone or cancel the event and we will post that notice on our website – by noon on Sunday.

Hawkwood Soccer

Hawkwood Soccer is a fun, family-oriented program for those U4, U6 and U8 kids that just want to go out once or twice a week and have some fun.  Registration is open now and I want to emphasize to everyone that without volunteers, this program cannot be offered.  So, take it from someone who volunteered with Hawkwood Soccer long before he got involved with the HCA – it is so worth it!  I know you have multiple kids in other programs and busy schedules and the last thing you want to do is rush home from work and organize a bunch of pre-schoolers in less than ideal weather conditions.  But, it can be a challenging yet vastly rewarding experience!  When my first child started U4, I didn’t volunteer because I didn’t know very much about soccer.  Turns out, soccer skills are probably the least required asset – plus there was free coach training that gave you all that you needed for coaching kids.  What was really required was a little bit of patience and a desire to have fun and see others have fun.  I learned so much from the kids that I coached and value the relationships I had with them and their parents, some of which I consider my friends today.  So, when you register your kids for soccer this year, please do not hesitate to volunteer as a coach or manager or any of the other positions.  I know for a fact they don’t take up as much time as other sports, are relatively easy to do and can be a rewarding experience for you and your family!


Kevan Newman