President’s Message – December 2016

This month’s report from The President (as published in the Hawk Eye)…

Roger Cell Tower Update

It has been very quiet on the Rogers Cell Tower issue as of late.  I do believe that the current proposed site is not going to be an option.  Therefore, Rogers has the option to look for another site(s) or drop the process altogether.  If they do choose another site in Hawkwood, they will have to do an Open House again and unfortunately, the HCA only gets a 21-day notice so we won’t be able to get anything into the Hawk Eye.  I will try and keep everyone updated in the Hawk Eye and on our website.

Hawkstone Rink              

If you believe the Farmer’s Almanac and the various pundits out there, our winter should be back to “normal”.  I hope this means some cold temperatures with the odd, short chinook thrown in to keep us sane.  If this is true, then as you read this our hockey rink should be up and running.  Located on Hawkhill Road, our rink is open during daylight hours – and under the lights – until 10:30PM at night (9:00 PM on maintenance nights).  If you want to join the Rink Rats who volunteer a couple hours a month to sweep and flood the rink contact the HCA Volunteer coordinator to find out how you can sign up for a shift .  The veteran Rink Rats will even train you – it’s not that hard!


We had our AGM on November 29th and we had a very good turnout and Councillor Joe Magliocca was on hand to say a few words and answer some questions.  Thanks to all that came out and by all means contact us anytime about any questions (our contact emails are on the website) and a special thanks goes out to our Executive and Directors who have stepped up to volunteer in our community for another year.

Sound Barrier on Nose Hill Drive

I just received word that a new Noise Barrier will be built in 2017 on the Hawkwood side of Nose Hill Drive from Country Hills Blvd. south past Hawkstone Drive to the green space.  This barrier (or at least the south half of it) has been on the books since BEFORE I got involved with the HCA.  Glad to see that the project has finally got to the top of the City’s pile of things to do.

Happy New Year

Hard to believe that another year has passed us by.  I hope that it was a good one, and despite our tough economic times, I look forward to 2017 being a better year.  Please enjoy the holidays and on behalf of HCA, I would like to wish all residents in Hawkwood and Happy New Year!