President’s Message – August 2017

This month’s report from The President (as published in the Hawk Eye)…

Hawkwood’s Picnic in the Garden

On Sunday July 30th we had a Picnic in Garden to celebrate and showcase our wonderful community garden.  Close to 200 people came out and had some food & drinks, listened to DJ Fish, played in the bouncy castle and most importantly, came and learned more about our garden.  It was interesting how many people didn’t know where the garden was and how it operates.  We have well over 30 boxes that are rented and each box is unique with different plantings.  We even have a self-watering planter box!  Many thanks to the City of Calgary – who had a Fairy Garden for the little ones – and the Hawkwood Garden Committee – whose members came out and showed off what you can do in a community garden.  And many thanks to the families that came out and enjoyed the lovely summer weather with us!

Green Carts

I think as you read this, everyone should have received their Green Cart and collection should start imminently, if it hasn’t already. Again, I would strongly suggest that you read the information attached to the cart when you get it, or even better, go to and search “Green Cart Program” and click on the Best Bet (Green Cart food and yard waste program) to find out how the program works, what can go into the cart as well as instruction guides in other languages such as Punjabi and Chinese.  There are also lots of tips on the website, including a reminder that you can set up on your mobile device to find out when to put out your Green & Blue Carts.  If you have any questions that aren’t answered by the City’s website, phone 3-1-1.

School’s Back in!

Compared to the summer of 2016, this summer has been fantastic and I bet the kids felt like they really had a summer this year.  Now it’s September and both our elementary schools are back in session, with the first school day being Tuesday, September 5th.  I don’t have to remind everyone about the school/playground zones, because those are in effect year-round.  But, I can’t stress enough the importance of being extra careful around the schools during the busy morning & afternoon times when school begins and ends.  More and more people drive their kids to school and the moving and parking violations witnessed at our schools are obscene to put it mildly.  Because of the programs run at St. Maria Goretti, there are a lot of cars (and not a lot of space) that get congested at the school.  I do know that CPS and the CPA will be enforcing the parking/driving rules and hopefully the parents will help.  If you have to drive you children to either of the schools, please obey all No Parking signs, don’t do any illegal manoeuvres such a s U-turns and try, give yourself enough time to find a legal parking spot (not in Nirvana or in someone’s driveway, for example) and PLEASE use the crosswalks – don’t allow you and/or your children to jaywalk from where you parked!