President’s Message – April 2017

This month’s report from The President (as published in the Hawk Eye)…

Street Sweeping

According to the City of Calgary website ( it looks like Hawkwood will have its streets swept in the first week of May.  So as you read this, the signs should be up regarding the days and times.

As usual – it seems – the dates coincide with our garbage pick-up days.  Please ensure that your vehicles are moved off the street on the scheduled days and, if you can, put your blue & black bins on your sidewalk or grass (if you have front street collection) until the sweeping is done or the bins have been picked up.  If the sweepers didn’t get everything, please use a garbage bag and collect any debris and put the bagged debris in your black bin (not loose).

Parade of Garage Sales & Community Clean-up

I made a mistake in last month’s Hawk Eye regarding the date for the Parade of Garage Sales – it’s on Saturday, June 3rd this year.  And if it doesn’t sell at your garage sale, then there is always our Community Clean-up on the next Saturday, June 10th.  We will have metal recycling, e-recycling, donation of gently used goods (i.e. furniture) for charity, as well as the black, blue and green recycling bins & trucks.  If you participate in either of these events, please consider purchasing a $30 HCA membership to help support our Association and its volunteers. Check our website for more details on these events and on how to become a member.

Wanted – Hawk Eye Editor

For a little over 2 years now, Glynndon Dobson has been our Hawk Eye editor and his life has gotten a wee bit busier for him, so he has elected to step down from his role.  So if you have a journalistic slant, or want to put a different spin on the Hawk Eye, or just want to help out in a way that exposes you to a lot of what’s going on in Hawkwood and Calgary, then please consider volunteering as our Hawk Eye Editor.  Glynndon will show you the ropes and we have a great resource – Karla – at Suburban Journals who also takes some credit in putting the Hawk Eye out every month.  The only requirements are that you have decent computer skills and that your grasp of English is proficient.  If you are interested, send me an email ( and briefly tell me why you would like to do it.

Spring Cleaning

Now that we are fully in the grips of spring, I have had the opportunity to wander through our community and some of our neighbouring communities.  Granted, this time of year, after the snow melts and before we’ve all had a chance to clean-up our lawns, everything looks pretty bad.  But I have to say that with all things being equal, I thought that the houses, lawns and pathways in Hawkwood were in a much cleaner state than other communities.  Yes, I know there is the odd unsightly alley or house that the residents don’t care about.  But in my survey of ours and other communities, the percentage of messier sites was far lower in Hawkwood.  So, kudos to those of us that take pride in trying to keep our community beautiful year-round – keep it up, it’s worth it!