President’s Message – April 2016

This month’s report from The President (as published in the Hawk Eye)…

CleanupCommunity Clean-up

Saturday May 21st from 9AM until 2PM is our annual Community Clean-up Event.  On this day, Hawkwood residents can drop off several types of refuse and recycling at the Hawkwood School parking lot.  We will take anything that won’t fit in your black bins as well as organics (leaves, grass clipping, tree branches, sod, etc.).  This year, we will also have electronics recyclers, metal recyclers, and tire & car batteries and also a charity will take gently used furniture.  We will NOT accept any household chemicals such as used oil, paint nor empty paint cans.  I encourage you to cover your loads when travelling through Hawkwood and please consider buying a membership online ( prior to coming to the event.


Starting next month in the Hawk Eye and on our website ( , we will be publishing some articles on Bylaws pertaining to us here in Hawkwood.  We will try our best to explain the Bylaws in laymen’s terms to help educate all of us on what we can and cannot do on our streets, yards and on the green spaces.  Stay tuned and if you have any burning questions or requests for clarity on Bylaws, drop me a line at and I will see if we can’t get some information out.

Fence Painting

I’ve noticed that many residents along Nose Hill Drive, Sarcee Trail and Country Hills Blvd. are replacing their fences.  Most of these fences were original (i.e. built in the 80’s) and are starting to fall apart.  So if you have, or are planning to replace your fence, please consider staining it the same colour as the rest of the fences.  Did you know that the General Paint store in Ranchlands has our colours in stock?  Go to our website and click on “HCA Initiatives” and see what colour your fence should be.  I want to thanks all of you who do take the time and effort to keep your fence in good condition and looking better than its actual age!