President’s Message – January 2018

This month’s report from The President (as published in the Hawk Eye)…

Volunteers Needed for Small Time Commitment

We are quickly coming upon the Soccer season and we still don’t have a Director to help organize the soccer season.  Unless someone steps up to help, there is a very good chance that there is no Hawkwood Soccer this season and the kids 8-years old and under who just want to have fun, may have to play outside the community.  As well, we use our website to try and get our message out.  If you have experience with websites, and want to volunteer with us, we sure could use you as our Webmaster.  Our retiring directors have offered to help train the incoming volunteers so the transition shouldn’t be that difficult.  Please contact me at  or give me a call at (403) 277-9225 if you are interested and I can answer any questions you may have.

Winter Festival

Please keep Sunday, February 11th open on your calendars for our Annual Winter Festival at the Hawkstone Rink.  If the weather permits (watch out for our sandwich boards to see if we get postponed/cancelled by weather) we will have DJ Fish, free skates to borrow if you don’t own a pair, and free food and hot drinks!  We also need volunteers, so if you have an hour or two to help out that afternoon, please contact Mary at .  Hope to see you there!

Speeding in Hawkwood

 I’m sure everyone has noticed a vehicle that speeds through our community streets.  We take this very seriously and have taken steps to combat/educate people who are a little heavy on the gas pedal.  Since I have been President, I have been involved in three speed surveys in our community.  The latest one was a one-day survey done on Hawkwood Road by Hawkfield Way this past fall and the results were pretty much the same as the previous ones – people, by and large, are not speeding.  We counted over 1,300 vehicles in both directions and the average speed on that day was 40 km/h (the speed limit is 50).  Approximately 10% were over the speed limit and most of those happened around 4-7PM.  So, I tell this to everyone that there is a perception of speeding on our streets that doesn’t really exist to a large degree.  Yes, there is the odd bad apple that flies through our Playground Zones, but the majority are pretty good.  That’s why we continue to have radar traps set up in Hawkwood on a regular basis to try and catch those people.  If you see an issue that maybe we can try and address, please drop me a line.