LEAF – Please Water our Trees

IMG_Bus Loop in AutumnThe trees along our boulevards and public spaces are getting a dry.  Although the City of Calgary’s water trucks do water our planters, most trees recieve their water only when it rains.  You can make a difference to the health and longevity of the trees near your home by giving one or two a good soaking with your hose.  The mature trees in Hawkwood are community treasures.  They enhance the value of our properties and are a pleasant part of our landscape.

Donating some of your time and your water to keep them healthy will allow us all to continue to enjoy the positive effects they bring to our community.

If you choose to water the trees in your area, or catch one of your neighbours doing the same the HCA would love to hear about it.

Please email LEAF@hawkwoodca.com to let us know.