Playground Updates

The time has actually come to see a difference in our neighbourhood!  I have been the playground director for 1 year now and I have been busy collecting funds through grants to put towards the rejuvenation of the 4 tot lots in our neighbourhood that are deemed dangerous and fit for removal.  The time has now come to get involved and help with the builds and planning of these 4 areas.  Some are farther along than others but here is the breakdown.

  1. Hawktree Green (HAW170) – this area will be removed and replaced with a playground with an additional swing area as there is not a swing in a 7 block radius of this playground. All the plans are posted on the website.  It will be completed by this spring as soon as the ground thaws!  We will need many volunteers to help put the playground in when the time comes.  Anyone willing to help out with this one can contact me directly and I will add you to the contact list right away.  Click here for the current plans.
  2. Hawkfield Place (HAW012) – this area is also been finalized as a playground and, thanks to the many volunteers and passionate neighbours, have voted and made their choices as to what their area would like in their space. This playground will service an older population.  The 5 years up to teens.   Our goal is to diversify the playspaces to something for everyone so that there is more excuse for movement around the community and to not limit the spaces to just the smaller children.  This project is the first on in the neighbourhood to get this underway.  There also will be volunteer opportunities for the installation of this area as well.  Please let me know if you are interested in helping out with this one.  This playground will be completed in May 2016. Click here for the current plans and here for the layout brochure.
  3. Hawkwood Crescent (HAW011) – This is one of the projects that I am interested in getting some input about. This space will not be a playground and the equipment will be removed.  I have an idea of putting in a sports court in this space which will include two goals and basketball hoops on asphalt so many different sports can be played there and do have the approval from the city for that but I would love to hear from some of the community who live in that area about what you would like to put there.  There are options but the only thing that it will not be is a playground.  Please look at the plans on the website for the sports court and let me know what you think.  If you have other ideas please let me know.  Now is the time to engage and let me know.  By the spring it will be too late and a decision will have already been made so if you have concerns or questions or ideas now is the time!
  4. Hawktree Circle (HAW080) – This playground will also be removed due to the danger factor. This corridor is used by many people and is very popular to move between the playground at Hawktree Green and the main playground in the fields farther along.  This space will also not be a playground again due to the close proximity to two other amazing playgrounds.  We do have a budget to enhance this area and it has been suggested and plans have been drawn up for a natural area with rocks for the children to play on making it a playground without equipment.  The picnic table will be moved from the middle of that green space in order for ball games to be played there which was a suggestion from a few neighbours so thank you for that and that will be happening.  This space again is up for discussion as to what will come of it.  It is your chance to have your say and let me know what you would like alternatively in this space.  Again, it will not be a playground but it does not have to be a natural area either.  I would love to hear from the community as to what you would like to see there.  It is a very small space so there are limitations.  One other suggestion was a Frisbee golf course along the walkway?  Maybe a pergola covered area?  I need more feedback from you as a community.  Click here for the current plans for the naturalization area.

We live in a great neighbourhood and we now have an opportunity to make it better and put in some new life and energy!  Let’s make our community special!

Rosanna Law

For more information about the playgrounds initiative, and to see where these playgrounds are on a map, click here.