LEAF Update Spring 2013

As of late June the flowers are in their planters and the community is recovering from the relentless rain of June.  With a little heat and sunshine we are hoping that the stressed foliage comes back with their spectacular punch of color.

IMG_MulberryLeafIt is important to note that all watering of flowers is currently being achieved using “NON POTABLE WATER”.

The City’s contracted watering trucks are using rain run off water rather than using The City’s precious treated water.   This system of watering was introduced years ago to prevent stress on water resources  during times of drought, and is particularly important while the City restriction on outdoor water use is in effect following the flood.


Our main Hawkwood Boulevard median was rather stressed this winter due to a dry winter and a “salt and sand pickle” used to melt the ice during the winter driving season.  This year the grass was extremely stressed (if not dead in some places) and many of our boulevard trees seem to be struggling.
The good news is that the parks department was addressing the issue by saturating the median with water and reseeding the bad spots.  The deluge of the 2013 floods also helped the grass here.  As for the trees…. time will tell if we’ve lost them.   This spring the Urban Forest Department came through with a huge tree planting campaign.  We really lucked out this time as they replaced a large number of our existing dead trees.
Watch for more changes at the bed across from the library.  The struggling spruce was removed and more foliage will be put in place as time allows.  Our goal is to fill it out with plantings that will create more height and fullness around the rocks.

New Parks Supervisor (North Calgary)

Chris Kuzma is our new North Parks Supervisor for The City of Calgary.  Chris was with us at the beginning of our program and was later moved to other communities around The City.  We look forward to working with him again this year and the years to come.

LEAF Reminders

A little reminder:  If the summer is hot and drought seems eminent, please help keep our neighbourhood trees alive with a little water and TLC.  We are grateful for everyone’s efforts to keep our community looking loved and cared for.

A big reminder:  Please do not put your GARAGE SALE signs on our planters or staked inside our flower pots.    If you see them please remove them immediately and place them in a better place.  Thanks for your help.  

If you have any concerns about areas that seem overlooked.  Please feel free to send us an email with your phone number and we will try to quickly address your concerns.