LEAF – Fall 2013 Update

IMG_Bench at Corridor Tot Lot in Autumn

The LEAF Program of 2013 has been another success. Chris Kuzma took over the North Parks office on Nose Hill Drive overseeing this year’s program. The transition was seamless. The one advantage to the flooding of 2013 was that the grass never looked greener and the trees were well watered. The first week of June the planting began and from then on we watched the foliage grow. We will get the final numbers towards the end of November from the City of Calgary after the final fall clean up is finished. All seems to be on course for now.

If you have certain areas in the community that you feel need some more love and attention please send us an email and I will forward your concerns to Chris Kuzma.

For All Those Tree Huggers in Hawkwood

As a reminder from the City of Calgary’s Urban Forest Department they would be grateful if you watered the boulevard trees throughout the year. With the number of trees in our community our LEAF program can spend only so much money on watering trucks.

Our budget is tight and the trees are the responsibility of the Urban Forest Department. So if you have a tree that is within distance of your gardening hose we would love your help keeping our trees alive. I was told years ago by a landscape architect that there are parts of Hawkwood considered a zone 2 (sub arctic) for growing plant material. With the extreme weather, high winds and clay soil many trees struggle to survive.

So if you love trees, please feel free to water them when it’s dry.

Thank you.