LEAF – Affirmation Vote Fall 2014

LEAFAs mandated by the City Of Calgary, the Hawkwood Community Association (HCA) must hold a vote every 5 years to reaffirm Hawkwoood’s support for the LEAF (Landscape Enhancement and Appreciation Fund) program.  This year’s vote will be held on September 30th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at the Uplands Rec Center in Hawkwood (20 Hawkside Road NW, Calgary).  Community Membership is required to vote and only one vote per household is counted.

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By now all Hawkwood Residents should have received their 2014 Residential Tax assessment from the City of Calgary.  This assessment already include (as it has every year since 2004) the yearly cost of the LEAF tax levy.  For 2014 the cost of the LEAF Program is $58.35 per Residence ($4.86 per month).  The funds collected go directly to the Hawkwood LEAF program.

The Landscape Enhancement and Appreciation Fund (LEAF) more than triples Parks’ operating budget for Hawkwood, thus providing room to fund the following enhanced services:
  • Spring and Fall clean up


    Supertunia – new flower in 2014

  • Gardening
    • Raised planter beds
    • Flowers
    • Trees
  • Turf maintenance
  • Integrated pest management
These initiatives are shown to enhance overall property values in Hawkwood, improve community spirit and combat graffiti, vandalism, and apathetic property maintenance in leading by example.

LEAF directs $185K to Hawkwood specific Community beautification


The presence of City crews working in the community and the flood of beautiful colors in the entrances and boulevards remind us that Hawkwood is a community that is loved.  Since our homes are often one of our greatest investments, we as homeowners need to ensure that we continue to see that the community of Hawkwood remains a desirable place to live work and play.  In supporting this levy we are reminded that LEAF is a vital and cost effective means to maintaining high Community standards and raise Community pride.

Voting Your Ongoing Support

IMG_SurveyThe Hawkwood Community Association’s Board of Directors supports the LEAF Program – and the property tax levy that accompanies it – based on more than 10 years of successful operations in partnership with the City of Calgary, Urban Forests, and majority community support from Hawkwood homeowners.

The Board asks all Residents to show their support for the LEAF Program by voting your approval in the Fall of 2014.  Additional details on the exact date of the vote, and methods of voting will be made available in the coming months.