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The final Our Hawkwood report is complete.  You can read it here:

2014 Hawkwood Community Plan

Thank you to everyone who provided input and to those of you who volunteered your time to make this possible.  This is a comprehensive document that will aid the HCA Board in setting a direction for the next several years.  If you have more to add you are welcome to comment at the bottom of this page (it will be read by the HCA Board).  Alternatively, you can email a board member directly.  Please refer to this page for contact information.


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(July 19th 2014)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the draft Community Plan!

The Hawkwood Community Association (HCA) has been gathering input from people who live, work, and play in Hawkwood to help develop a long term Community Plan.  Throughout March and April, we heard from over 400 people interested in the future of our community about what matters to them.  The HCA used the input gathered to create a Community Plan that will guide the HCA’s activities and programs over the coming years.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to read the draft Community Plan and filled out our online survey.

Here are some highlights from the survey on the draft plan:

  • Support for the Community Plan rated an average of 4.18 out of 5 (where 5 is “fully support” and 1 is “do not support”) – this means the plan has over 80% support from those who completed the survey!
  • The key challenge mentioned to successfully implement the plan is resources – primarily volunteer engagement.
  • People are excited about engaging with their neighbours to make Hawkwood a great place to live, work, and play.  They appreciated the opportunity to be part of the planning process.


You can read the final report from the Our Hawkwood engagement process here.

Community Plan Timeline

Community Plan Timeline

What’s happening next?

The final Community Plan will be launched in conjunction with the Operation Playground celebration the afternoon of September 13th – we hope to see you there!

The HCA will be working hard this fall to figure out how to put the activities and initiatives identified in the plan into action.  Watch for announcements about the Annual General Meeting later this year to get an update on how the board will implement the plan.

About the Hawkwood Community Association

The Hawkwood Community Association is made up of members who live in the community of Hawkwood.  It runs programs, initiatives, and activities for members and the community at large and is your link to resources from the City of Calgary.  We’d like everyone in the Hawkwood community to become a member so we can better connect with one another.  Click here to become a member today (Help with registration)

The Hawkwood Community Association is run by a volunteer board and would not function without the hard work of caring community volunteers.  The HCA will need more volunteers to carry out the work identified in the Community Plan.  If you are interested in volunteering in a way that is meaningful to you, please email info@hawkwoodca.com and we’ll figure out a way you can help that is right for you.