Fence Staining Program

Hey Hawkwood….Let’s Paint That Fence!

The HCA encourages all Hawkwood residents to keep the neighborhood looking beautiful.  An effective way to do that is to maintain the paint on your fences and features.  Hopefully this year the weather will be warmer and we will see a lovely stretch of painted fences.

To those who picked up the brush last year or the year before: Thank you.  Your efforts truly do make a difference in how our community looks. 


The General Paint Store in Ranchlands continues to carry our paint color matches and is offering discount pricing to all Hawkwood residents.

About Our Fence Staining Program

Do you have a fence that is looking rather neglected, unprotected from the elements or unloved?  Come join your neighbors “Let’s Stain That Fence”.   This summer the Hawkwood Community Association is here again to inspire home ownership pride and community service.

Studies indicate that vandalism and graffiti become more prevalent and inviting to properties that are not maintained.  Currently,  fence boards are being kicked in and stucco is being knocked off in an attempt to further the damage of residential fences.   If we can unite as a collective group and paint and repair our fences you will help to extend the life of your much needed privacy wall.  Proper fence maintenance  will  attract homeowners to our community who care about their homes and property.   House hunters search for communities that look well loved and cared for when they are buying a new home.   Our goal is to make  Hawkwood a desirable community to live.

Many of Hawkwood’s wooden fences are showing their age and need to be properly maintained  or replaced in order to be effective noise and privacy barriers.  Other benefits include increased property values, reduced incidents of graffiti and vandalism and the overall feeling of pride of living in a beautiful community such as Hawkwood.  Staining your fence on both sides will help to preserve the wood from rotting and increase its life span. 


General Paint  is again generously supporting our community campaign.  This deal is for all Hawkwood residents only so please capitalize on this great offer and save your fence from rotting by staining both sides.   Just show your drivers license with your address to get the deal.  Hawkwood paint colour matches are on file at their location in Crowfoot. (161, 1829 Ranchlands Blvd)


The colors for the exterior fences along Country Hills, Sarcee Trail and Nose Hill are chosen.  We tried very hard to match the original color selected for the fence.   If you have already stained your fence and do not wish to participate in this program we do understand.  Should you wish to match our neighborhood perimeter color along these roads we would be thrilled. 

Sarcee Trail north end:

FenceStain_Colour Map
Corn Harvest #CL-1871W

Sarcee Trail middle section:
Oak Gall #CL-2616N

Sarcee Trail south end:
Wigwam #CL-2646N

Nose Hill Drive south end:
Vine Bloom #CL-2896N

Nose Hill Drive north end:
Near Naked #CL-2751W

Country Hills green stucco posts:
Minister #CL2126N

County Hills & Sarcee Trail north end including Hawkstone Gate:
Corn Harvest #CL-1871W

The Uplands (2 colors):

  1. Main Boards: Flood: Sugar Cane using Duck Back Super Stain*
  2. Main Posts and Trim: Flood: Chamois using Duck Back Super Stain*
    1. *( Duck Back Super Stain is the same formulation as Flood Stain. The color matching is already on file at General Paint.)

So start planning with your neighbors!   Pick your weekend and “Let’s Stain that Fence”!

Do I have to paint the fence in my yard?

The short answer is, “Yes”.

Any fencing on your property (including sound attenuation fencing installed by developers in the past), is your responsibility to maintain, and may be enforced through The City’s

icon_pdf_sCommunity Standards Bylaw.

This bylaw essentially states that the owner of the property is obligated to ensure fencing (among other things) is maintained, and in good repair.

The Community Standards Bylaw is intended to create a clear, city-wide minimum standard for property upkeep and maintenance in the communities of Calgary. This “good neighbor” bylaw was developed as a result of an extensive consultation process involving regular citizens from throughout the city.

We’re encouraging families, friends and neighbors to come out and join in this initiative!