Hawkwood Rink is up and running!

Calling All Rink Rats!!!  This blast of cold weather has given us prime conditions to start the Hawkwood Rink and it is ready to go!  Please email me back and confirm if you are good to help out with flooding again this year. Also, let me know if there is anyone else you know that would like to help out.  The Signup Genius is ready for all to start signing up here.

We’ve changed the schedule to Monday- Wednesday-Saturday to see if we can get more sign-ups for the weekend shifts.  Again it will probably be 2-3 shifts per month in until the end of February or beginning of March.  The old sweeper is having some difficulties right now so if we can get some 2-man shifts started this week, that would be great.  There will be a training manual in the shed for those of us who have forgotten some things since last year.  And if there are any questions, feel free to email me!