Bylaws and Issues affecting Hawkwood – Community Standards Bylaw

The Community Standards Bylaw (5M2004) is the bylaw that regulates the issues affecting our daily lives and on our properties in Hawkwood.  The topics covered by this bylaw include untidy properties, backyard fires, noise, graffiti, weeds & grass and maintenance of fences and buildings, to name a few.  For untidy properties, no owner or occupier of a Premises shall allow loose garbage, bottles, cans, boxes or packaging materials, household furniture or other household goods, automobile parts, parts of disassembled machinery, equipment or appliances and yard waste, including grass, tree and hedge cuttings, to accumulate on the Premises such that the accumulation is visible to a person viewing from outside the property.  With regards to those houses with what seems to be an endless renovation project, no Premises shall have an accumulation of building materials (which have to be neatly stacked or stored) unless the project has begun or is imminent. The materials must relate to the project taking place on site and are of a reasonable quantity and these materials cannot stay stationary for more than 120 days.  Please note that materials neatly stacked for basic property maintenance is allowed.  For those of us with back yard fire place or pits (portable or fixed), we need to remember that no fires are allowed to burn after 1 AM.  And that we should not burn treated or painted lumber, lumber products containing glue or resin, wet or unseasoned wood, leaves, brush or yard waste, garbage, rubber, tires or plastic.  In conjunction with those summer time back yard fires, please remember that after 10 PM, only normal conversation and quiet music is allowed (lower than 75 decibels).  With regards to these front and back yards, no lawn should have grass or weeds more than 6-inches high, unless they are contained in a maintained garden. And the next time you are in your back yard, have a look at your fence.  The Bylaw states that your fence (both sides) must be free from graffiti, significant damage, peeling surfaces, broken, missing, or fallen parts, rot or other significant deterioration, or other visual evidence of a lack of general maintenance.  If your neighbour suffers from one of these conditions, try having a friendly & educating conversation about the issue and see if that rectifies the situation.  If that doesn’t work, go online or call 311 to make a report and remember your Service Request Number for future follow-ups.