Memberships (How To)

This brief guide walks first time users through the process of setting up a profile on our SportzSoft Community Membership and Sports Team Mamagement web portal.

We know it is inconvenient to register for yet another website.  It is important because when YOU register, You ensure that Your most up-to-date and preferred contact information is used; this includes your primary contact e-mail address and telephone number.


STEP 1: Create a Profile for your Household

When you follow the Membership or Soccer registration links, you will arrive at a page like this.  If you do not already have a profile, sign up as a new member.  Select your account type and complete the information for each member of the household, or only for the primary contact.  You can always edit this information at a later time if, for instance, a child enrolls in the HCA Soccer program.



STEP 2: Select and Pay for a Membership

Select the general membership for your desired year as though you are using an online shopping cart.  Process your transaction by credit card (secured transaction) or issue a cheque to the HCA Memberships Officer.  Please note that if y ou select Cheque your payment status will read “pending” until your payment is received and processed by the HCA.  This will take several days.


STEP 3: Get Engaged

Congratulations, and thank-you for becoming a member of the HCA.  Your Membership fees help to pay for all Hawkwood amenities including our ice rink, Soccer program, Sundaes on Sunday, Winter Festival, and more.  Now You might like to attend our community events, enroll your children in our U8 Soccer program, or Volunteer with the Board to enrich Yours and Others’ experiences in Hawkwood.