Board of Directors

The Board of the Hawkwood Community Association is a group of dedicated volunteers that share a sincere interest in improving our community.

The board meets on the last Tuesday of each month (except July and December) beginning at 7:30 pm at the Uplands Recreation Center.  Meetings are public, residents are welcome to attend.  Please refer to our calendar for a complete schedule.

Joining the Board

Board positions are elected at the Hawkwood AGM (Annual General Meeting usually held in November).  Residents with valid community association memberships vote for the candidate of their choosing for each Board position.

If you are interested in joining the Board or contributing to the HCA in-between AGM sittings, please contact the President.  We would love to have you, and there is no need to wait for the AGM in order to volunteer in our community.

Communicating with the Board

If you have an issue or a question you would like to bring to the board’s attention please send an email to a Current Board Member (see link below).  If you need to contact someone concerning one of the vacant portfolios please email the President.  Duties related to vacant Directoral positions are shared among sitting Board members.

If you would like to volunteer with the HCA Board please contact the President