2016 Hawkwood Community Cleanup

**LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS! If you are interested in being involved please contact cleanup@HawkwoodCA.com**

For the past two years, the City of Calgary and the companies listed below have offered a free service to the residents of Hawkwood. This event allows members of Hawkwood to do a little cleaning up in their homes, yards and in the community. Then we can bring these items to a central location to be recycled, repurposed or, if necessary, disposed of.

On Saturday, May 21th between 9am and 2pm, in the Hawkwood Elementary School parking lot, the below FREE services will be available to the community. Please note that paints and household chemicals will NOT be accepted. Please do not drop off ANY materials before 9am or after 2pm as this will cause a major problem both for the school and the community. Please ensure that you arrive well before 2pm as all materials must be IN THE BINS by 2pm.

We have the following companies accepting the following items for repurposing:

Action Tyre Ltd.: Car tires & bike tires

Junk Doctor: bed rails, washers, dryers, fridges, stoves, hot water tanks, furnaces, all types of metal


Desktops – PC & MAC partials, parts, motherboards, etc.

Notebooks/laptops/tablets – PC & MAC docking stations, parts, cables, etc.

Printers – Inkjet & Laserjet plotters/copiers, scanners/fax, etc.

Peripherals – Keyboard, mouse, CD/DVD roms, cards/accessories, etc.

Servers – rack mount, stand alone, all brands, etc.

Phone Systems – voicemail Nortel/lucent, parts/accessories, etc.

Mobile phones – chargers, headsets, etc.

Monitors & TVs – CRT & LCD Plasma, projections, etc.

Software – operating systems, editing, design, etc.

Racks & misc. – cisco networking, switches, routers, etc.


Goodwill: Will be accepting all items that they can fit in their truck that they could resell and would be valuable to someone else.

City of Calgary Waste & Recycling: all “black bin” friendly garbage, blue bin and organic waste. See

complete list here.

2016 Hawkwood Community Cleanup Poster